Saturday, 19 August 2017


Assumptions are the beliefs we hold as true.  We live our lives seeking to validate our assumptions.  Here is a list of assumptions we hold as spiritually conscious beings.  The scripture is replete with these:

We exist in an Imperfect world (Rom 3:23)

Injustice vs. Justice?

The foundation of the system is shaky (Ps 82: 5b)

Events are non-sequential

Things happen to us because of diabolical forces; self-destructive habits; drivers of our past; environmental factors; familial factors

We exist in a multidimensional universe – spirit, soul, matter.  The hidden dimensions and unseen realms make up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts which are visible to us – physicists know this and call the unseen parts "dark matter" and "dark energy".

Spirit is the superseding force in time and eternity.

There is perfection in the dimension of spirit.

There is Imperfection in Soul and Matter

There is a God of Justice and Righteousness

When a child is raped; woman abused; or marginalized… there is no recourse for perfect justice in this dimension.  Perfect justice belong in a higher dimension.

The disciples asked Jesus if a man was blind from birth because of his sins or his parents’ sin.  Jesus answered, “neither” but that God will be glorified.  His inability to see was egregious but God said it will bring him glory.  This tells me that we can find redemption from this sphere of transcendence.  This means that light can eradicate darkness and splendor can come out of brokenness.

All injustice will be retributed by the Lord

Forgiveness means, among other things, that we’ve recognized the ultimate impossibility of putting the past fully right

When an injustice has been committed against a person or groups of people; we must move into another dimension for healing and this space is called the Forgiveness Portal.

Types of Wrong

Genocide, Religious Killings    Ethnic Cleansings; Mutilations
Emotional and physical abuse    Parental Abandonment, Spousal Abandonment
Bullying    Sexism, Racism, Ageism, all types of ‘isms
Unlawful termination    Violence
Unfair treatment    Invasions, Theft
Loneliness    Loss of a spouse, job, health, etc
Debt    Rape, Shame
Natural disaster    Loss of health; Financial loss
Poverty    Divorce and separations
Hurts, Disappointments    Others… Name yours…

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Meaning of the National Anthem of India

Jaya He

 Meaning of our National Anthem
🇮🇳 Please try to understand the meaning and pronounce it clearly.

Word by word meaning..

🎵Jana            = People
🎵Gana            = Group
🎵Mana           = Mind
🎵Adhinayaka= Leader
🎵Jaya He      = Victory
🎵Bharata       = India
🎵Bhagya       = Destiny
🎵Vidhata      = Disposer
🎵Punjaba     = Punjab
🎵Sindhu       = Indus
🎵Gujarata    = Gujarat
🎵Maratha    = Marathi Maharashtra
🎵Dravida      = South
🎵Utkala        = Orissa
🎵Banga        = Bengal
🎵Vindhya     =Vindhyas
🎵Himachal   =Himalay
🎵Yamuna     = Yamuna
🎵Ganga        = Ganges
🎵Uchchhala = Moving
🎵Jaladhi      = Ocean
🎵Taranga    = Waves
🎵Tava          = Your
🎵Shubh    =Auspicious
🎵Naame = name
🎵Jage     = Awaken
🎵Tava     = Your
🎵Shubha      = Auspicious
🎵Aashisha = Blessings
🎵Maage     = Ask
🎵Gaahe      = Sing
🎵Tava        = Your
🎵Jaya        = Victory
🎵Gatha      = Song
🎵Jana       = People
🎵Gana      = Group
🎵Mangala = Fortune
🎵Dayaka   = Giver
🎵Jay He    = Victory Be
🎵Bharata  = India
🎵Bhagya  = Destiny
🎵Vidhata = Dispenser
🌸Jay He, Jay He, Jay He, Jay Jay Jay Jay He = Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory Forever...

Monday, 29 May 2017

Ladies of India

The status of the ladies of india have gone through many great changes in the past hundreds and thousands of years.
If history is considered, we come to know about many women from the vedic ages viz. Apala, Gargi, Maitreyi and Lopamudra, who shared equal respect as their male counterparts. Even Lord Krishna has been seen sitting near his sweetheart Radharani's feet (as per a picture drawn during the medieval period.
As high a position in the society was held by the women in the Ancient Ages, the position of the ladies of india deteriorated during the medieval period. It is during this period that child marriages came into prominence and remarriage of the widows was also banned. A muslim invasion in India during this period brought in the "purdah" system into the Indian society. It is during this period that the sexual exploitation of the "devadasis" and "polygamy" was promoted in the Indian Society. Inspite of such conditions, women continued to be prominent in the fields of politics, literature, education and religion.

Nail Art – Creativity Unleashed

Hello Friends !! How many of you is actually interested in Nail Art ? Nail Art is Trending nowadays. Sometimes I get awestruck when I see nails of young girls. Their nails are adorned with Nail-art . Nail art is like having a beautiful picture or motif painted on a small surface which is your nails.

I was introduced to nail art during my high school days and college days. During that time Nail art was not known in India as it is known now. That time we used to paint out nails with colours matching our outfits. Generally we used two-three colours of Nail-paint to paint a nail. We used to draw some simple patterns on our nails with those colours. That was Nail-art for us. Believe me , making those nails involved a lot of fun and when praised, we would all go high like balloons .. Ha ha ..

Nowadays Nail bars have opened up where you can get Nail Art done on your nails (with prices to pay for their services ... which is quite high). People do not use their own creativity to paint their nails.  I find this quite saddening. It is the creativity of a handful of professionals who get trained for such arts which reflect on the nails of the youngsters nowadays.

I sometimes feel, how much we would save if we just take up a professional course on nail art and do the things ourselves .. I am really feeling like doing it now . I know most of us will not be able to do it because of the time constraints and the nail bar owners will be minting money just like that .

How do you feel about the trending Nail Art? Do you also have a story? Please share with me freely . I am eager to know all your wonderful stories !!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

How To Buy Cheap Kids Bedroom Furniture

Decoration of a children’s bedroom can be a fantastic bonding experience between the children and parents. Parents can brainstorm ideas along with their children and turn up with a visualized impressive theme based on mutual interests and choices. Vehicles, cartoon characters, flowers and trees are some of the themes that children will like to have in their room. Once you are done with selecting the theme, you will have to find out the best suitable furniture and other accessories for their room. In this financially stressed era parents look for the finest quality but cheap kids bedroom furniture to set their room in the best way spending the least amount of money on it.

When you intend to buy furniture for kids’ room, you visit several shops so that you get the idea about the rates. Usually it happens that you buy the things paying higher rates than that of the shop, which has the same things in fewer prices. It happens all because of your ignorance about the market prices. You can take a help of search engines in the matter of taking ideas about market prices when willing to buy cheap kids bedroom furniture.

In the matter of selecting the type and colour of furniture, you must keep in your view about the theme you want to place in the room. The size of the furniture must be according to the size of the room. Likely to that, the number of accessories should also be depended on the size of the room so that it does not look awkward.

Remember that the room is for kids so try to find the things with funky and colourful impacts. Try to find cheap kids bedroom furniture with quality as a top priority.
Themed bedroom furniture especially for brood is extensively obtainable in the bazaar. The shade format will not be harder in view of the fact that it has already been designed for you. Corresponding children stuff is more sensible and easier to find. The main pieces that are recommended to match are the bed, nightstand, ledge, and cupboard. Take into account that children actually do not need many fixtures since their place to stay require having sufficient room for escalation and having fun. Remember that a wise approach can help a lot to find cheap kids bedroom furniture that can be pleasing to the eye and comforting as well.

Without furniture, the room cannot be completed and to give the room a pleasing and appealing look you need to select the best thing you can for your kids’ room. Several shops are there where you can go, select, and buy the cheap kids bedroom furniture that has superior quality as well. All you need to do is to be determined and patient while finding the one for your kids. Someone somewhere has probably prepared the furniture for your child’s room, and you will find that after a little bit of hard slog. Therefore, do it today and you will bring a beautiful bedroom set in your home.

Home Decor with Wall Art

With Festivities coming, most of you might have planned to re-decorate your houses, apartments or rooms. However, your may give your interiors an entirely new look if you opt for decoration your place with wall art which would be affordable and would also give a face lift to the space. So, get ready while I let you know of different ways of how you can re decorate your walls with fun and innovative ideas of wall art.

You may have beautiful furniture in your house but it may look a bit boring if your walls are empty. You can make your home look stylish and interesting if you add a bit of wall art. You can convert a blank and boring wall into an interesting artwork with great ideas. Hanging framed photographs on the wall also makes the wall interesting. You get a lot of great designs for the frame. You can also hang beautiful paintings or some other piece of art of your choice.

Now-a-days you can also get one of the walls of the room computer carved with different interesting patterns. They are not very expensive and can be done quickly with the help of professionals. There are a wide range of designs and patterns in different colours that you can choose from.

If you are an artist, you can also paint the walls of your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom as per your liking and add your personal touch to the room. You can also collect beautiful pictures from magazines and newspapers and make a collage work on the entire wall. It takes some effort but the result would be really great.

If you invest some time, effort and thought you can have stylish wall displays and wall art which will add to the beauty of your home.