Saturday, 19 August 2017


Assumptions are the beliefs we hold as true.  We live our lives seeking to validate our assumptions.  Here is a list of assumptions we hold as spiritually conscious beings.  The scripture is replete with these:

We exist in an Imperfect world (Rom 3:23)

Injustice vs. Justice?

The foundation of the system is shaky (Ps 82: 5b)

Events are non-sequential

Things happen to us because of diabolical forces; self-destructive habits; drivers of our past; environmental factors; familial factors

We exist in a multidimensional universe – spirit, soul, matter.  The hidden dimensions and unseen realms make up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts which are visible to us – physicists know this and call the unseen parts "dark matter" and "dark energy".

Spirit is the superseding force in time and eternity.

There is perfection in the dimension of spirit.

There is Imperfection in Soul and Matter

There is a God of Justice and Righteousness

When a child is raped; woman abused; or marginalized… there is no recourse for perfect justice in this dimension.  Perfect justice belong in a higher dimension.

The disciples asked Jesus if a man was blind from birth because of his sins or his parents’ sin.  Jesus answered, “neither” but that God will be glorified.  His inability to see was egregious but God said it will bring him glory.  This tells me that we can find redemption from this sphere of transcendence.  This means that light can eradicate darkness and splendor can come out of brokenness.

All injustice will be retributed by the Lord

Forgiveness means, among other things, that we’ve recognized the ultimate impossibility of putting the past fully right

When an injustice has been committed against a person or groups of people; we must move into another dimension for healing and this space is called the Forgiveness Portal.

Types of Wrong

Genocide, Religious Killings    Ethnic Cleansings; Mutilations
Emotional and physical abuse    Parental Abandonment, Spousal Abandonment
Bullying    Sexism, Racism, Ageism, all types of ‘isms
Unlawful termination    Violence
Unfair treatment    Invasions, Theft
Loneliness    Loss of a spouse, job, health, etc
Debt    Rape, Shame
Natural disaster    Loss of health; Financial loss
Poverty    Divorce and separations
Hurts, Disappointments    Others… Name yours…

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Meaning of the National Anthem of India

Jaya He

 Meaning of our National Anthem
🇮🇳 Please try to understand the meaning and pronounce it clearly.

Word by word meaning..

🎵Jana            = People
🎵Gana            = Group
🎵Mana           = Mind
🎵Adhinayaka= Leader
🎵Jaya He      = Victory
🎵Bharata       = India
🎵Bhagya       = Destiny
🎵Vidhata      = Disposer
🎵Punjaba     = Punjab
🎵Sindhu       = Indus
🎵Gujarata    = Gujarat
🎵Maratha    = Marathi Maharashtra
🎵Dravida      = South
🎵Utkala        = Orissa
🎵Banga        = Bengal
🎵Vindhya     =Vindhyas
🎵Himachal   =Himalay
🎵Yamuna     = Yamuna
🎵Ganga        = Ganges
🎵Uchchhala = Moving
🎵Jaladhi      = Ocean
🎵Taranga    = Waves
🎵Tava          = Your
🎵Shubh    =Auspicious
🎵Naame = name
🎵Jage     = Awaken
🎵Tava     = Your
🎵Shubha      = Auspicious
🎵Aashisha = Blessings
🎵Maage     = Ask
🎵Gaahe      = Sing
🎵Tava        = Your
🎵Jaya        = Victory
🎵Gatha      = Song
🎵Jana       = People
🎵Gana      = Group
🎵Mangala = Fortune
🎵Dayaka   = Giver
🎵Jay He    = Victory Be
🎵Bharata  = India
🎵Bhagya  = Destiny
🎵Vidhata = Dispenser
🌸Jay He, Jay He, Jay He, Jay Jay Jay Jay He = Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory Forever...

Monday, 29 May 2017

Ladies of India

The status of the ladies of india have gone through many great changes in the past hundreds and thousands of years.
If history is considered, we come to know about many women from the vedic ages viz. Apala, Gargi, Maitreyi and Lopamudra, who shared equal respect as their male counterparts. Even Lord Krishna has been seen sitting near his sweetheart Radharani's feet (as per a picture drawn during the medieval period.
As high a position in the society was held by the women in the Ancient Ages, the position of the ladies of india deteriorated during the medieval period. It is during this period that child marriages came into prominence and remarriage of the widows was also banned. A muslim invasion in India during this period brought in the "purdah" system into the Indian society. It is during this period that the sexual exploitation of the "devadasis" and "polygamy" was promoted in the Indian Society. Inspite of such conditions, women continued to be prominent in the fields of politics, literature, education and religion.