Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What is Sclerotherapy

As they age, both men and women become more susceptible to what is called varicose or spider veins, where blood backs up and pools in veins, causing them to swell. They are often seen as unattractive because they cause your veins to darken and spider veins legs show obviously on your skin. However, these veins are not only unattractive, but also dangerous to your health. There is an easy procedure, called sclerotherapy, that can minimize your varicose veins in just a few short steps. If you are going to be using sclerotherapy for varicose veins, there are a few things you should be aware of.

The procedure involves injecting a solution, known by its official name of sodium tetradecyl sulphate, basically a saline solution, directly into the affected veins. Typically, this causes the blood to clot and the vein to collapse, forcing the blood to reroute into a stronger vein thus causing the varicose vein to disappear. The solution can be given in various forms of concentration, depending on how severe the varicose vein is. This can be performed in two or three session-like appointments at your specialist's office.

There is also a form called foam sclerotherapy, or foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins, which is typically used to control much larger or abnormal varicose veins. The same solution is mixed with air, causing it to foam, which when injected causes violent spasms in the veins. This provides a means of injecting a greater volume without using more of the STD solution. Although at first glance, foam sclerotherapy is a lot more effective than normal sclerotherapy, the procedure is relatively new and therefore does not have a lot of research to determine the long-term effects of it.

Complications from varicose veins include blood clots, which when untreated can become fatal in rare cases, as well as ulcers (burning of the skin) near the area of the varicose veins. It is important that you do your research on any sclerotherapy clinic in your area to make sure you are getting quality physicians who are trained in this specific form of treatment. There are also some complications and side effects that can stem from this treatment. Things from strokes to allergic reactions, although minor and rare, should be discussed with your doctor before the procedure takes place.

As you can see, sclerotherapy is a helpful medical procedure that can not only improve the appearance of your varicose/spider veins, but also improve your health and overall feeling of wellness. Varicose veins can cause dangerous blood clots when not treated, as well as irritation and burning of the skin around those areas.

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