Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Women going crazy for iPhone 6

Source: HeadLine Pop News

Chinese girl strips for an iPhone 6

In this 21st century where the younger generation is more dependent on smartphones rather than on their family and friends, people tend to go to heights of craziness to possess one of those luring and expensive smartphones.

This video portrays such an incident where the girl loses her sanity for possession of an iPhone 6. This video shows the whole incident .

The girl at first demands an iPhone 6 from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend denies to buy it for her. Now things turn out dirty. The girl first argues with her boyfriend, then starts pushing him. Finally when she has tried everything but to no avail, she starts discarding her clothes one by one and finally her inner wears too.

She stood naked in the public place where a CCTV camera captured this footage. Later on this video went viral. So, what was the final outcome ?

Just a Viral video and some one else made money from her stupidity ..

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