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Adjusting to Motherhood: The pregnancy period

For the first part of her life, a woman is simply a woman. Her life is her own, her time hers to do what she will with. Her dreams are there in front of her, her money hers to spend. Her body is as it was when she was younger and her heart belonging to nobody.

But then, one day, she finds out that she’s pregnant.

Realizing you’re about to become a mother

For some, the news is more expected than for others. Some couples may have been trying for a baby for a while, whereas for some individual women, the news may be the shock result of a singular moment of passion. Though whether it was intentional or not, most women report to feeling the same two types of emotions: dread and elation.

A time of contradictions

Feeling a mixture of anxiety, dread, fear or nervousness is a perfectly natural thing to feel when finding out you’re about to have a child. It’s a shock to the system. “How will I finance everything?” “Is my relationship strong enough?” “Should I get married?” “Will I be a good mother?” All of these are just some of the standard questions new, expectant mothers ask themselves.

While there’s no doubt that a whole lot of excitement, awe and elation are present when hearing the good news, apprehension is just part and parcel of what being a mother entails.

The good news

After finding out you’re pregnant, you’ll eventually have to share your news with your nearest and dearest. Some choose to do this sooner, rather than later, but the choice is all yours. Here, the whole ‘pregnancy thing’ begins to take an up-turn. Friends, family and those closest to you will most likely share their joy at your news.

Even if you aren’t from a big family, or their reaction isn’t the most positive, by this stage, you’ll have warmed to the idea of being a mother a lot more yourself and be excitedly looking towards the future and what awaits you.


Parenting and motherhood brings with it the inevitable changes. Some are more profound, like a change in life philosophy, others more temporary, like swollen ankles and a craving for pickles.

Each woman goes through her own changes as her little one grows inside her, which is just part of what makes pregnancy so unique, and so special.

Certain changes may not make you feel very special at the time though. Weight gain, stretch marks, a bad mood, headaches and morning sickness make up a list of the most traumatic pregnancy side-effects. While each woman’s experience is different, more often than not, an expectant mother can expect to experience one of the changes mentioned above.

Giving up

One of the final stages of pregnancy, and the stage that really hits home your new role in life, is the giving up stage. During the final weeks of pregnancy, your social life, your job, your sex life and your hobbies will all have taken a temporary turn for the worst. As the big day draws closer, the idea of meeting your little one occupies your mind. While eating lunch, you realize very soon you’ll be eating with somebody else. While trying to sleep at night, you’ll be fully aware that sleep will come at a premium for the next year or so.

At this point, normality is out of the window. There’s nothing left to do now but embrace what’s about to happen; read about it; talk about it; think about it.

The big day

Very few women deliver on the date they’re expected to. Babies aren’t known for being the most punctual of people, and their introduction into the world is no different. Labour can often come as a surprise, to you, and the whole family.

How long it lasts is completely individual to you, as is what type of birth you choose to have. Everybody has their own opinion on the process, but science says there’s very little by way of meaningful difference between any of them. Whether you choose to use drugs, have a natural birth, make use of water or have a C-section, it’s completely your choice.

Meeting your new child

The moment you hold your son or daughter in your arms for the very first time will be every bit as magical as you anticipated it to be. That intimate moment is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

You’re a mother now. Your responsibility to this little one will last for the rest of your life. Motherhood is a daunting experience, but one no parent would trade for the world. Here your journey begins. A new life is yours to shape, and yours to form. Your 9-month pregnancy period has prepared you to not only be a teacher, but a mother.

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