Sunday, 22 May 2016

4 Menu Suggestions to Please Everybody at Your Wedding Reception

Getting married is a wonderful experience and the reception following the wedding is usually the best part. You want to provide your guests with a fun menu that will satisfy their cravings and amazing wedding venues will have them talking about the wedding for years to come. Choosing what food to serve can seem a bit overwhelming because you want to please everyone's pallet, but where on earth do you begin?

Menu items should be simple but still elegant. You want to choose foods that you know most people will recognize and enjoy, stay away from ambitious menu items that may turn some people away. Below are four suggestions to please everyone at your wedding reception.

Soup and Salad

Serving soup and salad options will give your guests the full reception experience. While it may seem a bit fancy to have such a drawn out meal, it is not too much and your guests will love it. Remember to keep your menu simple, food items that your guests will recognize. Consider something like Italian Wedding soup or Tomato soup. As for the salad, a light salad with greens and some dressing options will make it nice, too.

Finger Friendly Appetizers

Whether you choose to serve mini chicken cordon bleus or stuffed mushrooms, your guests will enjoy these small snacks before the main entree. These kinds of foods people will recognize and they will not be too filling before the main dish gets served.

Everyone Likes Pasta

It may seem a bit cliche to serve pasts; however, everybody enjoys eating pasta. To make it even better, pasta is very cheap and serves plenty of people. Consider something like rigatoni with red sauce or fettuccini with white sauce. It is sure to please every guest at the wedding.

Meats for the Main Dish

Steak or chicken is most popular dish options for weddings. Consider serving either of these and keep them simple. You want to please everyone; so complex fancy dishes should be avoided. Tatum Park Levin can help you with more ideas.

Overall, choosing the menu for your wedding can be a bit stressful and can seem impossible to decide upon, but it does not have to be. Choose foods you know everyone is going to recognize; more importantly, choose foods that are easy to eat and not too overwhelming in flavor. You want to serve enough food to satisfy everyone's appetite, but keep each course small and simple.

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