Sunday, 22 May 2016

Be a leader , Not a follower

Most individuals in life are content to follow the guidance of other individuals, to take a seat on the fence in a discussion or have the mind-set of concealing at the back of the group. The most prosperous people are leaders and they make things occur for themselves by taking an optimistic mind-set and they work very hard to reach their desired goals. We all have the ability to become front-runners and this write-up may help you accomplish this position.

Here,I will tell you the story of Ron, who grew up as a very anxious individual, and had very less self-confidence and who was very timid.He was not at all content being this way and frequently felt envious of other individuals who were delighted to speak up and take command of tasks and circumstances. He always wished to be one of those front-runners and not the follower that he had undoubtedly turned out to be.

In Ron's early twenties, he made the decision that the time had arrived to make a sequence of life transforming choices.He was motivated to have a joyful and prosperous life and was mindful that he needed to change his whole mind-set and approach to life.

Ron was not satisfied at where he worked and joined an employment agency in an endeavor to find alternative employment. In the reception area of the agency, he started speaking to a man who was also there hoping to find a different job. His name was Mark and both of them got on nicely and wished each other the best of luck in their pursuit to find work. They even interchanged phone numbers and promised to keep each other up to date with their advancement.

Ron was then questioned by a man who discussed his plan to guide Ron to find this new position of work. He was very bright, intelligent and optimistic and had quite a few fascinating ideas. He seemed very positive that Ron would shortly be employed for another company more appropriate to the capabilities which he had.

At one phase of the conference, he explained the situation of a group meeting. He advised that they may be brought into a large room with a big desk. As all of them sat down, there would be a piece of paper requesting the group to discuss a specific topic. He mentioned that all of the individuals in the place would be in the same situation, all seeking work, all anxious, however that in that room Ron could be whoever he desired to be. He said that Ron would be required to stand up and guide by declaring that he would act as the chairman and that if any individual had an opinion that they wished to make, that they could elevate their hands. If Ron did this, he would show his would-be employer that he was a leader.

Ron went home and imagined about this and did not consider that he had it in him to behave in the way that the man wanted him to, as he was not a leader. Later on that evening, Mark called and all he was speaking about was the team meeting situation. He also said that there was no way that he would be in a position to stand up either in the way that had been explained.

Ron did not have to ever be present at a group meeting, but Mark did. He pleasantly surprised himself by carrying out the suggestions and said that after he had said his preliminary statement about being the chairman, that he had never felt so strong and in the lead. For the remainder of the day other people on the team had been consistently asking him concerns as if he was some type of team leader. He was very happy with himself and I am happy to report that he was successful in that interview and is very happy in his new position.

To conclude, I would like to say that we all have it in us to be a boss. We need to be courageous and motivated to take charge and bear in mind that all we can do in life is to attempt our best. We are only confident about living one life, so lets be joyful and not accept second best. Be a leader in life, not a follower.

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