Sunday, 22 May 2016

Facebook - The Culprit

Our very own Facebook has become a culprit. A few days ago, in the newspaper there was a report on how a 17 year old girl committed suicide as she could not withstand the result of misuse of facebook by some dirty minded guys.

What had happened exactly ?

There were 3 guys residing in the same locality who were after this girl. The girl did not like them and avoided them. The guys became furious and found out her Facebook profile and got her cell phone number from Facebook. They created a fake profile in the name of a girl and connected to her and thereby got access to her photographs.

What is wrong with that ?

The wrong done here is with the photographs and the cell phone number. The boys created a morphed photograph (nude) of the girl with the help of a professional and circulated all over the internet with her cell phone number . The advertisement showcased her as a pronstar/callgirl who is willing to go with anyone in exchange of money.

How did it affect the girl ?

The girl started getting dirty calls with numerous indecent proposals and being a 17 year old she was afraid to tell her parents. She was afraid to talk about it to anyone and tried handling it on her own. When she failed handling such mental pressure, she hung herself from an iron rod with a dupatta and committed suicide.

What happened to the culprits ?

Culprit no :1. The guys are under police custody and are charged with appropriate sections .
Culprit no :2. Facebook running successfully all over.

Now.. I have stopped using Facebook after reading this . What would you do ? I have a daughter too and really am afraid about the future of girls with such happenings around the country and worst part is that most of such cases are revolving around Facebook.

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