Sunday, 22 May 2016

I dont remember !!

I don’t remember the first time you held me when I was born, neither do I remember your joy when I tumbled, sat, crawled or walked for the first time. But I do remember your happiness in my praises .. whatever it may be just like the way I feel proud when my 2 year old daughter is praised for something. Dad, I see so many traits of you in my daughter that I sometimes get confused whether this is you or her? She is as meticulous and repetitive as you. She loves to follow a daily routine and gets frustrated if it is disrupted somehow.. just like you. She would bring me the morning newspaper and force me to sit down and read at least the headlines just as you did. I feel so bad when I realize that you went to your heavenly abode without seeing your own reflection .. when I miss you ( which I often do), my Jinia (daughter) brings me out of the pain of your loss. I realize that you have not gone away .You had only taken a break so that you could come back to me again in another form with your same annoying habits (mumbling, nagging etc.) so that I may never get the chance to miss you.
I still miss you dad .. I really do. But most of all I Love You.

The dreaded disease took you ways from us within a few months and we stood there helplessly watching you suffer (and praying that God takes away your pain). Little did I know that God will answer my prayer in such a way that I will be left helpless in this world. Now, when I see my daughter growing up .. I actually remember you .. Always !!

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