Sunday, 22 May 2016

Onions make me cry !!

Most of us (who cook) have faced this. Cutting of Onions is a dreaded task for most of us. Soon after an Onion is sliced, our eyes start stinging and make us cry. Most of us have accepted this as a natural thing . But have you ever thought of the reason behind this ?

The reason is: when we cut an onion, certain (lachrymator) compounds are released. These cause irritation in the nerves around the Eyes (lacrimal glands). And we all know irritation near or in our eyes causes tears.

So, this is the simple but the obvious reason behind our tears while cutting onions.

So, friends when I started crying even at the thought of chopping an Onion I wasted no time to look for ways which would let me chop the onions without shedding a drop of my precious tear . I have listed a few for you below. You may use them as per your convenience.

1. Always wear a pair of contact lenses while chopping onions. No more tears guaranteed!!

2. Do not forget to keep a large piece of bread in your mouth in such a way that a large part of it hangs out of your mouth. Now chop the onions. Your mouth will water, but again No tears!! It might look funny but would relieve you of the stings.

3. Always chill the onions before chopping. This will help you shed less tears when you chop them.

4. Always try avoid cutting the root or base of the onions first. This helps a lot.

5. While chopping onions try to chew on a yummy chewing gum and this too helps.

So I guess enough of those ideas. And now, I have run out of any more ideas (LOL). Can you please share a few of your ideas too ? I would be obliged if you do as I would also learn from them.

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