Sunday, 22 May 2016

Papa don't preach !!

Papa don't preach !! These three words I actually used a lot when I was in my teens . The only difference is that I used to day 'Baba' instead of 'Papa'.  Yes! my father was a preacher of a kind. He used to teach me various proverbs and idioms and used to tell me stories which finally proved that the proverbs or idioms are so right.

I would love to dedicate this blog to my loving father who has left for his heavenly abode leaving behind his preaching with me.

I had written about some of his preaching on other sites too . But had to delete them when I realised that the site would not pay me at all but only would make money from my articles. It broke my heart to so the deletion, but believe me , I had nothing else to do as I am so angry with the site.

Now I am here with those articles (of course re-written and modified from head-to-toe) so that people here also can have a bite of those preaching :)

This is going to be more of a personal blog where my personal experiences would sum up to justifications for idioms and proverbs. I would like to write on some scattered incidents too and also a bit of this and that . Hope you all will find this blog enough entertaining an helpful in your daily lives.

As this platform is new to me, I might require some time to acquire a nice viewers base but still without losing hope I move on to post my post. Those who like it may say so and those who don't are free to criticise. I am open to criticism as well.

I believe that those who criticise, understand your true potential and hence they to help you reach that position where you actually belong .

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