Sunday, 22 May 2016

Surrogacy : Boon/Curse?

Surrogacy : It is accepted as a boon to the childless parents who wish to have an offspring of their own. But it turns out to be a curse when the biological parents decline to accept the child post birth.

I was reading a news article with heading : Surrogate Baby Named Gammy Born With Down Syndrome Abandoned by Australian Couple.

Reading this much only pissed me off. The first paragraph said :

An Australian couple abandoned their new born baby boy (Gammy) with his surrogate Thai mother when they discovered that the child has down syndrome . However, they took home his twin sister, who was born healthy.

So, they have accepted the healthy baby and abandoned the sick. This is the reason God did not want them to be parents. They would have done the same thing if the children were born out of the mother's own womb.

Surrogacy has turned out to be a curse for the woman who is left with the unhealthy baby who has down syndrome . But see God's intervention, the child is not abandoned by the surrogate mother. She is taking care of baby Gammy and people from all over the world are funding for his treatment!!

God indeed is great !!

For those who are unaware of the Down Syndrome, here it is :

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes delays in the physical and mental growth of a child. Some children with Down Syndrome live a healthy life while some need proper medical care. Down Syndrome is a disease which can not be treated but can be identified from the time of pregnancy . This makes is a much more dreaded disease. :(

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