Sunday, 22 May 2016

You can do traveling like a king on a budget

For traveling luxuriously it is not obvious that you need to be high or lavish on your budget. It is pretty much an easy task to do traveling like a king on a budget . First you have to ask yourself a simple question: how do you wish to define 'luxury' during travel? Is it luxurious vehicles , branded clothes and expensive suites or security of yourself and your belongings, good and safe food, healthy and proper living accomodation ?Whatever it is , first of all you need to prioritize your important things and then start acting on them.

You can travel pretty luxuriously even on a tiny budget. First sit down to break up your budget into parts . Ticketing and booking of accomodation , food and conveyance cost at the location, clothes, buying gifts - these points generally cover the entire trip missions.

So, first comes the ticketing part. Check for all the options available to reach your destination. Check for the price of the tickets. Check on the reviews by the fellow travelers about the particular service so that you do not land up in trouble afterwards.

Second comes the thought of spending the night in an inn or hotel . I would advice you to look for guest houses. The guest houses or circuit houses are generally set up by the government or by a board of trustees. You will get clean and luxurious rooms at far cheaper prices than the hotels or inns. Book your accomodation before hand if you are not sure of the hotel to be empty at the given point of time. Moreover booking of hotel rooms prior to your journey saves you from carrying a rooster on the top of your head till you find an accomodation. Moreover over the counter arrangement of accomodation can be far more expensive for travelers.

Now comes the thought of food which should at least be hygenic (but it is too hard to find). Try to buy genuine mineral water as the local waters of foreign land may take a toll on your health and ruin your traveling. Keep some digestive enzymes with you to save yourself the cost of doctors .

Conveyance costs can be pretty much tricky. Look for conveyance modes that will take you long distances for less price. If you are a biker then it is good for you. Most places offer bikes on hire. Biking will keep you healthy and will save on those dollars too .

When packing for travel keep in mind to opt for clothes that are light weight and dry quickly. Clothes should be fashionable but of quick-dry material which requires no ironing. You should be able to do with your linen at night in the sink and be able to wear it the next morning.

Now comes the idea of buying gifts for those who are back at home waiting to listen stories about your traveling like a king on a budget . So keeping the word budget on your mind go for something that is made locally, light weight and small. These will be acting as tokens for the ones you love . You might also love a small memento for your own self. You can opt for cheap printed materials like bed linen or cushion covers. They do not cost much and will remind of your luxurious travel.

There are a few things that I would like to share from my own experiences is that do not carry much cash with you around while you are travelling. Having hard cash readily available makes you spend lavishly and do attract a lot of nonsense people who cheat you of your money thereby making your travel a gruesome one. Do not carry luggage that you cannot carry yourself and need to hire a porter . The cost of porter can be saved thereby.

As living a luxurious life on a budget is pretty easy, so is traveling like a king on a budget only if you prioritize your important things and follow some rules. By doing all these you will not only find yourself traveling luxuriously but you will also be able to save quite a sum of money which would otherwise have been spent on unnecessary things and cheats.

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