Sunday, 6 August 2017

Meaning of the National Anthem of India

Jaya He

 Meaning of our National Anthem
🇮🇳 Please try to understand the meaning and pronounce it clearly.

Word by word meaning..

🎵Jana            = People
🎵Gana            = Group
🎵Mana           = Mind
🎵Adhinayaka= Leader
🎵Jaya He      = Victory
🎵Bharata       = India
🎵Bhagya       = Destiny
🎵Vidhata      = Disposer
🎵Punjaba     = Punjab
🎵Sindhu       = Indus
🎵Gujarata    = Gujarat
🎵Maratha    = Marathi Maharashtra
🎵Dravida      = South
🎵Utkala        = Orissa
🎵Banga        = Bengal
🎵Vindhya     =Vindhyas
🎵Himachal   =Himalay
🎵Yamuna     = Yamuna
🎵Ganga        = Ganges
🎵Uchchhala = Moving
🎵Jaladhi      = Ocean
🎵Taranga    = Waves
🎵Tava          = Your
🎵Shubh    =Auspicious
🎵Naame = name
🎵Jage     = Awaken
🎵Tava     = Your
🎵Shubha      = Auspicious
🎵Aashisha = Blessings
🎵Maage     = Ask
🎵Gaahe      = Sing
🎵Tava        = Your
🎵Jaya        = Victory
🎵Gatha      = Song
🎵Jana       = People
🎵Gana      = Group
🎵Mangala = Fortune
🎵Dayaka   = Giver
🎵Jay He    = Victory Be
🎵Bharata  = India
🎵Bhagya  = Destiny
🎵Vidhata = Dispenser
🌸Jay He, Jay He, Jay He, Jay Jay Jay Jay He = Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory Forever...

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